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GM28 Ford E450

The GM28 Ford E450 boasts a powerful 7.3 L V8 gas engine with 325 Horsepower | 450 lb.-ft torque that anchors its formidable powertrain, making it a reliable choice for any demanding transport needs. With a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) of 14,500 lbs., this vehicle is built to handle substantial weight, comfortably accommodating up to 22 passengers with additional space for rear luggage. The robust engine ensures smooth and efficient operation even when the vehicle is at full capacity, making it an ideal solution for group travels, shuttle services, or school transportation.

In terms of durability, the GM28 Ford E450 leaves no room for doubts. Its structure incorporates a fully welded steel tube cage for increased rigidity and safety. The body is crafted from riveted aircraft-grade aluminum, ensuring a light yet strong build. Further augmenting its structural integrity are the reinforced fiberglass skirts and front & rear caps, protecting the vehicle from road debris and harsh weather conditions. The vehicle also features a 3/4″ composite sub-floor, adding another layer of durability and strength, and ultimately, extending the vehicle’s lifespan even in demanding conditions. This blend of performance and durability sets the GM28 Ford E450 apart as a hardy, high-capacity vehicle.

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GM33 Ford F600

The GM33 Ford F600 takes innovation to the next level by being the world’s first luxury bus built on the next-gen Ford F600 chassis. The bus is perfect for road warriors, corporate travelers, and everything in between. It delivers a perfect blend of luxury and comfort that guarantees passengers will enjoy a VIP experience. The ambient LED accent lighting is paired with the ultra-luxurious Grech leather seating to ensure that no matter how long the ride might be, the passengers will feel comfortable and have a good time. The GM33 Ford F600 meets the highest standards of quality, design, and engineering. In fact, the pure luxury and top-tier quality of the interior design can be seen in each detail. Moreover, the GM33 Ford F600 features a passenger capacity of 28 (or 32 without rear luggage). This makes it the perfect vehicle for important events.

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GM40 Freightliner S2

The GM40 Freightliner S2 holds the title of being the industry’s most sought-after and desired mini coach. It offers comfortable seating for up to 40 passengers including Copilot, while displaying unparalleled attention to detail and first-class amenities. The mini coach is built for those who wish to lead. Therefore, it’s equipped with luxury features such as comfortable Grech leather seating, HD LCD monitors, LED accent lighting, panoramic front-viewing window, and a state-of-the-art audio system. Whatever the destination might be, you can rest assured that the passengers will enjoy a premium experience. The GM40 Freightliner S2 is our flagship model, and it represents the best that Grech Motors has to offer. Our Grech Motors production team has three decades of experience, and their superior craftsmanship can be noticed in all the little details. Choose the GM40 Freightliner S2, and your clients will thank you for it.

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EG40 Freightliner S2

The EG40 Freightliner S2 is one of the most popular and desired mini coaches in the industry. It comfortably seats up to 44 passengers including Copilot and showcases great attention to detail along with high-quality amenities. Designed for those who lead, it features Grech leather seating, HD LCD monitors, LED accent lighting, a panoramic front-viewing window, and a top-notch audio system. Plus, it includes spacious underbelly storage for luggage, ensuring there’s plenty of room for passengers’ belongings. No matter the destination, passengers will enjoy a premium travel experience. The EG40 Freightliner S2 is our flagship model, representing the best of Grech Motors. With three decades of experience, our production team’s superior craftsmanship is evident in every detail. Choose the EG40 Freightliner S2, and your clients will appreciate the difference.

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Limo Sprinter

The Mercedes Sprinter Limo, based on the resilient 3500 170″ Extended High Roof Chassis, is a symbol of sophistication and class. Driven by an efficient 4-cylinder diesel powertrain, it ensures seamless performance and unparallel reliability, with a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) of 11,030.

The vehicle is skillfully configured to serve as a luxurious limousine, with a capacity to comfortably accommodate up to 14 rear passengers. Each journey in the Sprinter Limo becomes an exclusive experience, encapsulating the highest standards of luxury and comfort.

The interior of the Mercedes Sprinter Limo is a testament to Mercedes’ commitment to excellence and luxury. The meticulously crafted configurations offer an exquisite limousine setup, marked by elegant design, superior comfort, and state-of-the-art amenities. Whether for corporate travel or special occasions, the Sprinter Limo stands as a beacon of premium, luxurious transportation.

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Executive Sprinter

The Executive Sprinter is a premier corporate transportation solution, built on the robust 3500 170″ Extended High Roof Chassis. Powered by a 4-cylinder diesel engine, it delivers unmatched performance and reliability, with a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) of 11,030.

The vehicle’s versatility is evident in its seating capacity, accommodating up to 14 passengers in the shuttle configuration. Ideal for corporate outings and airport transfers, this vehicle ensures superior comfort for every passenger, making every trip an experience of luxury and convenience.

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