40 Passenger GM40 Freightliner S2 Black

Price: $259,900
$20,000 Factory Rebate
Price: $239,900

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Vehicle Description

The GM40 Freightliner S2 holds the title of being the industry’s most sought-after and desired mini coach. It offers comfortable seating for up to 40 passengers (or 44 passengers without rear luggage), including Copilot, while displaying unparalleled attention to detail and first-class amenities. The mini coach is built for those who wish to lead. Therefore, it’s equipped with luxury features such as comfortable Grech leather seating, HD LCD monitors, LED accent lighting, panoramic front-viewing window, and a state-of-the-art audio system. Whatever the destination might be, you can rest assured that the passengers will enjoy a premium experience. The GM40 Freightliner S2 is our flagship model, and it represents the best that Grech Motors has to offer. Our Grech Motors production team has three decades of experience, and their superior craftsmanship can be noticed in all the little details. Choose the GM40 Freightliner S2, and your clients will thank you for it.

Basic Information

Make: Grech

Model: Freightliner

Generation: GM40

Year: 2024

Mileage: 240

Capacity: 39

Trim: S2

Volume: 6.7

Transmission: Automatic

Drive Train: 8x4

Exterior Color: Black

Interior Color: Black

Standard Features

* Panoramic front viewing window

* Frameless coach windows

* Electric plug entry door

* DVD player

* Premium rear audio

* Roof-mounted HVAC

* Altro wood-look flooring

* LED interior / exterior lighting

* Passenger retractable seat belts


* Bridgestone Tires

* 275 Amp Alternator

* Heavy Duty Batteries (2)

* Dual 50 Gallon Fuel Tanks

* Electric Passenger Entry Plug Door

* Paging System

* DVD Player with 5 Monitors

* Back Up Camera

* Exterior and Interior Lighting

* Air Ride Suspension

40 Passenger GM40 Freightliner S2 Black Floor Plan

Floor Plan

Exterior Dimensions

Floor Plan