28 Passenger GM33 Ford F600 Black

Price: $189,900

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Vehicle Description

The GM33 Ford F600 takes innovation to the next level by being the world’s first luxury bus built on the next-gen Ford F600 chassis. The bus is perfect for road warriors, corporate travelers, and everything in between. It delivers a perfect blend of luxury and comfort that guarantees passengers will enjoy a VIP experience. The ambient LED accent lighting is paired with the ultra-luxurious Grech leather seating to ensure that no matter how long the ride might be, the passengers will feel comfortable and have a good time. The GM33 Ford F600 meets the highest standards of quality, design, and engineering. In fact, the pure luxury and top-tier quality of the interior design can be seen in each detail. Moreover, the GM33 Ford F600 features a passenger capacity of 28. This makes it the perfect vehicle for important events.

Basic Information

Make: Ford

Model: F-600

Year: 2023

Mileage: 240

Capacity: 28

Engine Type: 6.7 Power Stroke

Body Style: XL

Exterior Color: Black

Interior Color: Black

Standard Features


28 Passenger GM33 Ford F600 Black Floor Plan

Floor Plan

Exterior Dimensions

Floor Plan