Why the GM40 Freightliner is the Best Shuttle Bus for Your Fleet

Grech Motors Freightliner luxury bus front panoramic window

Don't Settle for Second Best

Adding a new shuttle bus to your fleet can be both exciting and confusing. The demand for a larger group vehicle is usually a good thing for business, but there are a lot of choices out there.

How can you be sure you’re looking at the right buses? Even after you’ve decided which bus type and seating capacity you need, how do you know you’re working with the right manufacturers?

Before you buy, take a moment to consider the GM40 Freightliner M2 shuttle bus for sale. It’s one of our favorites and happens to be our most popular vehicle with ground transportation companies, too. We hope this article answers some of your questions.

What Is the GM40 Freightliner?

We know you’re familiar with the Freightliner name, but are you aware what makes the Freightliner one of the best chassis to build a shuttle bus on?

These buses have tremendous power thanks to the 260-hp Cummins ISB6.7 diesel engine humming under the hood. Any type of terrain is an easy conquest for these buses, from flat city streets to the winding curves of the mountains.

No matter where your company is located or where your chauffeurs drive, the GM40 Freightliner can manage.

The Allison 2500 PTS transmission ensures a smooth ride, so you’ll never need to worry about a troublesome hill that might test another bus.

In fact, everything on this Grech bus is designed to make the trip a smooth, secure, and memorable ride for all involved, from the chauffeur to the passengers. Very few on the road will be safer or have more space.

What Makes the GM40 Freightliner Different?

Sure, we get some credit for choosing the Freightliner chassis on which to build our buses, but ultimately Freightliner gets all the credit for producing such a stellar vehicle.

It’s what we do with the frame that sets our buses apart from others. After constructing a welded steel cage frame from the highest quality steel tubing, we rivet an aircraft-grade aluminum skin over it before reinforcing it with fiberglass. This ensures durability, strength, and the bus’s ability to retain its signature Grech Motors curve and design.

Once we’ve built the highest quality bus structure on top of the Freightliner chassis, we upfit the interior with the most innovative, highest end features and amenities you’ll find on a bus.

And don’t think you’re limited to traditional shuttle seating for you GM40.

The seats can be arranged to allow for three or four different sizes of luggage compartments in the back, so airport shuttle services will find the bus perfect for the job.

If your company provides transportation to business executives traveling for conferences, the seats can be arranged to include social seating and tables with rear-facing seats. The combination makes traveling while conducting meetings easier than ever.

Those hoping to purchase their next party bus should also look no further. The GM40 Freightliner makes a perfect party vehicle when you choose limo-style seating.

A center aisle is left free for dancing, socializing, or just stretching out. This configuration can also be used with the luggage compartment in the back, making the bus perfect for longer trips.

Destination weddings, birthday parties, casino trips, winery tours, and even beach visits are perfect for the limo-style seating arrangements.

We can also create a hybrid floor plan that has limo seating AND shuttle seats, if that’s what your clients need.

And the Icing on the Cake

One of the areas where we at Grech Motors really shine is in the details. We stress about every little detail in everything we do to ensure it's the absolute best it can be, because the difference really is in the details.

When you mix the power of the Freightliner with the luxury of Grech, the result is really something special.

No other bus manufacturer includes a panoramic window at the front of the bus, monogrammed leather seats, hardwood floors, and dozens of other touches you won’t find anywhere else.

If you’re ready to add a new bus to your fleet, why don’t you start from the ground up? We’ll help you choose the perfect chassis and show you all the special additions you can make for a perfectly designed bus that fits your every need, attracts more clients, and makes your company stand out from the competition.

We also have 36- and 45- foot versions of the Freightliner M2 bus, with seating for 31+2 with rear luggage and 43+2 with rear luggage, respectively.

Grech Motors is a high-end coachbuilder founded by Ed Grech, who currently serves as President and CEO.