The Benefits of Buying a New Bus Vs. a Used Bus

For many limo and bus operators, this question may eventually arise: Should I buy new or used?

Each has its pros and cons. If you think you’ll need the bus only for shorter trips or for specific seasons during the year, a used bus may suffice. On the other hand, if you need a bus for longer trips and consistent use throughout the year, it’s definitely better to buy new.

Your decision ultimately will depend on your market, but there are some considerable arguments for buying new. Let’s take a look at each one.

Built-In Amenities

Sure, you can install features like televisions and premium seating in a used bus that doesn’t have them. But you’ll save a lot of time, effort, and money by purchasing a new one that already has these features.

There also will be the inevitable wait time involved with retrofitting a used bus to consider. When you purchase new, you can begin offering bus services right away and get the cash flowing.

Lower Maintenance Costs

Buying a used bus may seem more budget-friendly from the start, but as with anything you buy used, you have to consider the hidden costs, such as maintenance. Remember, price is not the same thing as cost.

Price is what you pay upfront; cost is what you pay over the course of a product’s life.

Since you’re inheriting something that’s used, you’ll likely have to spend more on upkeep than you would with a new vehicle. Eventually, the sticker price of the bus, plus the cost of these repairs, may surpass the price of a new bus.

A new bus will last longer, be safer, and spend more time making money for your business instead of bleeding money into repairs.

When you buy a Grech Motor bus, you get the bus industry’s best warranty (link to warranty page) and after-sale support experience. For that peace of mind, the investment is worth it.

Fewer Lost Business Opportunities

In addition to the cost of repairs, there’s another thing to consider: You could lose a lot of business if your bus is out of order, especially if problems occur during the height of your busy season.

Time-consuming repairs could make customers dial your competition’s number, and that’s the last thing you want. With a new bus, you can make sure you stay relevant to your customer base, and you’ll be at the top of their minds whenever they need group transportation.

Longer Lifespan

Another issue with a used bus is life expectancy. How many more miles can you get out of a used bus before it becomes too expensive to maintain or repair?

The money you save by purchasing a used bus may not make a big difference if it doesn’t last long enough to justify the savings. With a new bus, you won’t have to worry about retiring your bus anytime soon.

While buying a new bus is a big financial decision, you can rest assured that it’s a smart financial decision with lower risk than buying a used bus.

Fewer Safety Concerns

A used bus can’t offer the same security as a new one; even if you thoroughly check every part of the bus twice, there’s still an element of uncertainty.

You may not be able to accurately ascertain how well the previous owner treated the bus, and that lack of knowledge can put you at risk.

However, you can oversee a new bus’s maintenance from the start. You’ll know everything about the its repair history and feel assured of your passengers’ safety. And when you buy from Grech, you know your bus was built from the highest quality materials with the highest safety standards.

In the video below, Grech Motors founder & CEO Ed Grech and VP of Sales & Marketing AJ Thurber take you through the manufacturing process:

When considering your next bus purchase, think carefully about your own budget and the needs of your customers when you weigh your decision. Given all the costs and uncertainties of a used bus, you may find that the sticker price of a new model isn’t so intimidating after all.

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Grech Motors is a high-end coachbuilder founded by Ed Grech, who currently serves as President and CEO.