How To Choose the Right Bus Size for YOUR Business


When adding a luxury bus to your ground transportation fleet, choosing a bus size is one of the most important decisions you’ll make. If you underestimate the capacity you need, you could lose out on valuable customers when your bus won’t hold them all. If you overestimate, your bus could take tours with only half the seats filled, or worse, sit empty while smaller vehicles are used. Before you purchase, be sure you know what size you need. You’ll make the most out of your new vehicle that way.

Market Size

Your first step should be to research the market size. You probably already have an idea whether or not your current market could support a new bus, but if you’ve never purchased a bus before, this will take more research.

The size of the city, the number of other businesses with bus services, and the various attractions that might support bus tours should be taken into account.

The data collected could be interpreted in different ways, so be careful to go over all the information before you decide. For instance, small towns with a booming winery business could still benefit from a full-size bus. On the other hand, large cities with many buses already in use might only support a minibus until the business can be built.

Market Interest

No matter how large your city is, you can’t sustain a bus business if there’s no interest in the services. The easiest way to gauge the interest is to survey your current customers. If you feel like that’s too invasive, then take notes on the number of people who want to reserve your other vehicles. If you get requests from several large parties each month, buying a new bus is an obvious solution.

Another way is to build a relationship with affiliate companies to whom you can farm out bus work, and start marketing bus services even before you own one. This will help you keep track of the realistic demand for bus work you can expect. When you begin farming out a large volume of bus work, you may find it makes financial sense to buy your own bus.

For companies that simply hope to incorporate a bus into the usual services, such as hotels and wineries, take note of how many people arrive in groups large enough to need bus services.

Other ways to gauge market interest might be unique to each business. For instance, if your hotel serves guests who call for taxis or sedans to visit the same restaurants over and over again, you might want to partner with that particular restaurant and offer a shuttle service. If your casino sees large groups from the same areas on a regular basis, you might want to purchase a bus to provide transportation from those areas.

The research might not be easy to gather without taking directly to the customers, but the reward is great.

Your Final Answer?

In the grand scheme of things, it’s certainly better to start smaller and purchase more buses as your business grows. Better to have too much business for your buses than to see one sit empty.

You can start with a minibus that seats 10-15 people or a mid-size bus that carries 20-30. Some of the larger buses might carry up to 50 people. All of these are available and can be purchased before you consider the full-size motorcoach.

Even better, these buses can be customized with luxury materials you never thought possible, so your business’s bus will be 100% your own. Monogrammed seat cushions, hardwood floors, streamlined luggage holds, and panoramic views from the front and side windows all combine for an experience your passengers can’t get from other buses.

Once you choose your bus size and style from Grech Motors, you’ll be well on your way to providing the ride of a lifetime to your clients. Check out current inventory of vehicles available for immediate delivery by clicking here.

Grech Motors is a high-end coachbuilder founded by Ed Grech, who currently serves as President and CEO.