Fueling Up The Dual Tanks of A Freightliner Bus 

Grech Motors GM45 Freightliner Shuttle Bus

The Freightliner bus chassis on which we build our GM36, GM40, and GM45 (pictured above) limo and shuttle buses offer dual 50-gallon fuel tanks, one on either side of the cab, for a total of 100 gallons. The primary tank is on the driver's side and the auxiliary tank is on the passenger's side. We've been asked if the tanks need to be fueled up separately, and the answer is yes.

We recommend filling the tank on the passenger side first, then the driver's side. We also recommend topping off both tanks to make sure the bus is completely fueled up. When driving, the bus will automatically switch to the auxiliary tank when the primary tank is depleted.

In order to avoid the inconvenience of having to turn the bus around and reposition it at the gas station for each tank, you may be able to reach both tanks with the fuel hose by aligning the pump with the bus's nose instead of the tank. This may not work at every station, because fuel hose lengths vary, but it's worth a try next time you're filling up your Freightliner bus.

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