"I can’t thank the Grech team enough for their timely delivery and the support they have provided me.  From their engineering design to the panoramic window and the fit and finish of their interior, they are truly the innovators in the bus world.  The ride of these buses are extremely comfortable and the sound proof cabin stands out above all other builders.  It seems that Grech got it right!  Our corporate division and retail users can’t say enough great things about these buses.  Our fleet of Grech buses have helped us increase our business immensely and we have the Grech team to thank for it.  Please keep up the good work, and we will surely be doing business again in the future.." - Jim Powers, All Star Limousine, New York

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Grech Motors Bus 101 Business Tips

How Bus 101 Works:

Over the last 30 years, we've dedicated ourselves to building the highest-quality luxury vehicles for chauffeured transportation operators and helping them find the right ones for their business. Over time, we realized that although each operation is unique, many of the questions people have when buying a luxury bus remain the same.

We discovered that in order to find the right luxury bus for their fleet, the majority of operators have to answer the same core questions. As we continue to get feedback from clients and prospects, we will add more content to address these topics and provide information to help you, the operator, succeed in the group transportation market.

Below are 10 topics to help you get started:

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